Why it is Necessary to have Tree Stumps Removed

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January 23, 2018

Why it is Necessary to have Tree Stumps Removed

tree stump removal

Most people believe that tree stumps are doing no harm just sitting there. However, tree stumps cause a lot more damage than one would think. It is best to get rid of these stumps as soon as possible, to avoid all the dangers that will prevail with time. 

  1. It Spreads Infections and Diseases

Dead tree stumps are a great home for fungi to live and grow. Fungi can cause severe health risks towards children and pets that innocently play near the stump. 

Tree stumps are an invitation for pests to live and grow an environment in. Termites, carpenter ants, and wood attracted insects thrive in these areas. This can lead to serious problems because the pests will eventually move into healthy trees to grow their homes and infect them. These infected trees will eventually die, leading to more problems to deal with. These pests can even move their nests to your homes and cause structural damage to the exterior of your house. 

  1. Ruin your Property 

Even though the tree is cut down, the roots can still grow. Roots will grow towards water and can grow into underground pipes and cause them to burst. This will damage your supply of water and can potentially flood your home. 

  1. Takes Up Space

Tree stumps are not appealing to look at and will take up valuable space in your yard. It does not look inviting and will reduce your property value. Instead remove the stump and add a picnic table, or another useful feature to your backyard. 

  1. Safety Hazard 

These tree stumps can get in the way of everyday activities. Children playing can trip and fall over the stump seriously injuring themselves. Tree stumps also pose a liability. Neighbors or civilians walking can injure themselves from this tree stump, and you can have a serious lawsuit on your hands.

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